Saint Anthony High School

A Proud Tradition

Saint Anthony High School is known as The Renaissance School of Jersey City for good reason. Our students undergo a personal renaissance during their years with us. Many of our students come to St. Anthony well prepared for the academic demands of a college preparatory school.

At the same time, St Anthony High School will take the most economically-challenged young adults in and around Jersey City and teach them that they have the character, talent, wisdom and intellect to become valuable, contributing members of our community.
Saint Anthony High School fosters a Catholic, Christian community by promoting the concept of “Friar Family.” As members of the “Friar Family” we grow together in supportive and encouraging relationships. Our desire is to help each other be the “best that we can be”.
  • We accept each student’s religious affiliation and teachings, and provide worship opportunities in the Catholic tradition
  • We recognize the varied intellectual needs and abilities of each student and provide quality educational programs
  • We create an attitude of responsible involvement by advocating civic pride and instilling respect for the dignity, rights and property of others
  • We foster appreciation of truth and beauty by demonstrating their meaning in a balanced curriculum
  • We advance the opportunity for physical development by demanding sportsmanship, self discipline and respect through athletics and physical education.

Saint Anthony High School is located a stone’s throw from New York City and offer convenient access to major transportation, including the PATH trains, the Hudson-Bergen light rail and several bus lines. The Light Rail makes the school easily accessible from Bayonne and northern communities of Hudson County. The PATH makes the school accessible from New York City and Newark.