Saint Anthony High School



How big is St. Anthony High School?

While the school has a national reputation and is even known in Holland and Australia, we are quite small with an enrollment of about 250 students.


Is St. Anthony High School a boys’ school?

No St. Anthony is co-educational with about 30 percent female.


What is the student/faculty ratio? What is the average class size?

14 to 1 – Average Class Size: 16


What are your athletic programs?

Girls Volleyball, Football, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Track, Tennis, Baseball and Softball.


What is the tuition for 2016-2017?

$6,100. plus a Registration Fee of $300.


How is tuition to be paid?

Tuition is to be paid electronically. Parents not using the electronic payment plan or choosing to pay the full amount will pay an extra

$20 per month as an administrative fee.


Is there a program available for a student to visit St. Anthony?

Yes. Friar for a Day. Contact Gloria Walker, school Recruiter, 201-653-5143


What type of scholarships are available?

Several Academic Scholarships are offered at varying levels. See the website for an application – Students must be in the top twenty-five percent of the class and meet other criteria.


Is Financial Aid available?

There are several forms of financial aid for which parents/guardians can apply. Typically, financial aid awards range from $500 to $3,000. Financial Aid can be obtained from one and sometimes two or three sources. Applications are required along with copies of tax forms for the prior two years.


How much Financial Aid is available?

The amount varies from year to year. This year the total amount distributed from various agencies was nearly $200,000.


Who provides the Financial Aid?

The main sources are the Student Partner Alliance – applications due February, 2015(granted to freshmen and automatically renewed each year for students in good standing); the Inner City Scholarship Fund – applications due January (applications required annually), St. Anthony High School Donors – revolving timeline(applications required annually). There are other sources as well – sometimes from an employer or a local church.


If I have any other questions, who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact the Head of School, Mr. Chad Broussard at 201-653-5143 or e-mail to: