Saint Anthony High School

Women's Guild

There's an interesting stigma that exists about St. Anthony High School in Jersey City; that is, many people are under the impression that we are a boys-only basketball school!
The St. Anthony Women's Guild was created to showcase the supportive and insightful female leaders of the Friar family.  A core component of the Guild's mission is to support the girls at St. Anthony High School, both financially and through leadership and career seminars.
Led by Maryjane Reilly of Pt. Pleasant Beach, the Guild has grown significantly since its inception seven years ago. An Executive Team plans the ever-growing Annual Luncheon and secures outstanding opportunities for our Lady Friars.  
If you'd like to volunteer as a St. Anthony Women's Guild member, please feel free to contact the Development Office:  201-653-5739.
You're guaranteed to be appreciated!
To serve and support St. Anthony High School’s mission of excellence and growth through an established organization of committed women by increasing awareness, outreach and providing on-going financial support.  This will be accomplished through extended networking and special events.