Saint Anthony High School




The majority of Saint Anthony students overcome significant economic and social hardships. For many of the them the school is a haven and they consider their fellow students, teachers and administrators to be their family. Much like the acclaimed documentary about our school testifies, “The Street Stops Here” for our students.

To bridge the gap in the school’s operating budget, we are engaging in a major fundraising campaign, the Saint Anthony High School Financing Academic Needs Fund (F.A.N. FUND). The initiative offers donors an opportunity to assist students in completing their high school education and affords Saint Anthony the capital to continue educating and guiding our next generation of leaders.

We invite you to donate to the Saint Anthony High School F.A.N. FUND and help see a student through to graduation.

If you'd like to be a part of the F.A.N. FUND, please download our pledge form below and return to Saint Anthony High School.
175 Eighth Street | Jersey City, NJ | 07302