Saint Anthony High School


Academic success at St. Anthony High School is defined in terms of each student attaining the highest possible grades in keeping with his/her own talents and level of ability. Respectable grades are the product of hard work and careful study habits. They are reflective of self-discipline and an inner desire to achieve on the part of the student.
A student interested in achieving will attend school regularly, be prompt to class, and be attentive and cooperative in terms of working with the teachers and fellow students. Success in the classroom depends upon attentiveness, completion of all assignments and active classroom participation.
Next to being at school on time and every day, the keys to success in life are further developed in high school by the day to day routines of getting school work done as soon as possible after it is assigned. To gain the reputation of a student who gets his/her work done, your son/daughter has to maintain a daily routine of study.
Students who participate in sports know that to be successful they must practice and practice every day. To practice every day, athletes follow a schedule. They know when their practices are because their practices are established ahead of time. The same type of scheduling will bring each student success in school. Your son/daughter needs to have a set schedule for the time and location for studying. This schedule should be set for every day of the week and maintained vigorously. The schedule for studying must become a routine that your son/daughter is required to maintain. Doing so will result in a student in his/her senior year who has acquired the kind of grades that make him/her an attractive candidate for college.