Saint Anthony High School



Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Are assigned to a particular counselor

Each year throughout their four years of high school.


Ms. Niles works primarily with Seniors and is the College Placement Counselor.

Various colleges send representatives to meet with our Seniors

throughout the year. Seniors may make arrangements with

Ms. Niles to visit colleges on special visitation days.


Mr. Dinielli is the Dean of Freshmen, Sophomores

And Juniors and serves as their Guidance Counselor.


Counselors meet with students on an individual basis, as well as

in group guidance sessions with each individual class.


The entire program is designed to give the student plenty of support

and resources in order to work to his or her greatest potential.

In doing so, the Guidance Department plays a key role

in helping each student meet the Friar challenge:

“To Be the Best that You Can Be.”


Mr. Ralph Dinielli 
Dean of Students, Campus Minister, Guidance Counselor


Phone: (201) 653-5143


Ms. Whitney Niles
College Placement Counselor 


Phone: (201) 653-5143