Saint Anthony High School


For SAHS, it’s a yearly struggle to bridge the gap between providing quality education to our students, while keeping our tuition within reach for the families we serve. This year, as many of you know may know, we are especially in need of your help.

The Miracle of Saint Anthony can easily be seen when you look at 

the countless lives it has changed for the better over the years.


If you have donated before, we hope you will see the influence you have had on the students, alumni, and teachers highlighted here.  If you are considering becoming involved in the school, it is our hope that you will see how your donation can help affect a life.  


From the Eyes of Our Alumni . . .


Christopher Wall, Religion Teacher SAHS

 SAHS Valedictorian, Class of 2010


St. Anthony High School to me has been the light in the darkness. As a former student and current teacher, St. Anthony has molded me into a humble, caring and loving individual. I remember the times when I would come to school in tears, and my only solace was knowing that “the street stopped here.” This school offered me peace when there were wars raging in the outside community, and I was one of the soldiers.  


After graduating from Villanova University, I returned as a teacher and was humbled once again by the atmosphere of this great school. The students give me clarity and a purpose for what I want to do in life and that is helping the youth. I see the same struggles that I faced as a student in those I currently teach. But I also see the relief in their eyes, the same relief that I felt when I would walk through the doors of St. Anthony. This may be a small school but it has a huge impact on the everyday lives of the children. St. Anthony High School is more than a school, it is a home and to some students the only home that they know. Stay Blessed.


Chris Wall pictured with some of our current FRIARS



Nyah Hoskins, DePaul University ‘19

SAHS Class of 2015

Attending Saint Anthony helped me start the path to becoming who I want to be. Over the course of my four years, I met amazing friends, teachers, and administrators who truly cared about my future. Saint Anthony High School has positively impacted my family as well. My two younger sisters are both FRIARS; one is currently a freshman at Delaware State and the other is a sophomore at SAHS. St. Anthony has allowed all of us to flourish. Now as a sophomore at college maintaining Dean’s List each semester, I still abide by the mission of Saint Anthony High School, ‘Be the best that you can be.’ I constantly challenge myself to achieve my goals.


From the Eyes of Our Students . . .

Jania Perez, Class of 2017

Friar Forum Writer & Honor Student


At 17, and a senior in high school, I have big plans for the future. I plan to attend a college where I may expand as a student, and in my craft as an artist. I also have dreams of making documentaries and films, as well as pursuing photography, theater and journalism. I have the ability to do all of these things and more. For the past four years, I have continuously been reminded of this fact, by the family I’ve made at Saint Anthony High School. Entering high school in 2013 I was nervous, but it was short lived. At Saint Anthony, I made friends instantly, and didn’t feel overwhelmed or out of place in class. I can excel academically with teachers who open their doors every day to help us succeed. I have been able to grow as a student and as a person, and the education and love I’ve acquired from St Anthony High School’s mission will stay with me for a lifetime.

Our female Friars share a special bond 



Romesha Wade, Class of 2019

Honor Student


When I first arrived at St. Anthony High School, I was nervous. I never expected that my life would change so dramatically. St. Anthony High School has impacted my life academically, athletically and spiritually. I have changed completely. At first, I was shy, quiet and timid. I didn’t like sports and I didn’t have many friends. Today I am an “A” student, confident in my ability to write well. I have many friends and I have become involved in various athletic activities. An important thing I have learned at St. Anthony High School is that everybody is one huge family. We grow together academically, athletically and spiritually. WE ARE……FRIAR NATION!


From the Eyes of Our Donors . . . 

Pat Zampieri

Welcome to Saint Anthony High School

You Are Entering A Special and Safe Place

. . . And The Street Stops Here


It really is a safe place. I have felt that from the very first day I visited the school . . . from the top floor of the school you can look across the river and see the space where those beautiful towers once stood and where my son once worked . . . Unfortunately, he was killed along with 3,000 other men and women on that beautiful day in September . . . He lived just down the block from the school.


The first anniversary of the tragedy found my family wrapped in grief and confusion due to our loss and it was then that I was on a mission to turn that grief into something worthwhile. Fortunately I found an article in the sports section of a newspaper regarding a small Catholic inner city high school that was seriously considering closing their doors due to low enrollment and serious financial problems. This school needed help; I thought we could help them and it would be a way to memorialize Rob and somehow replace the grief we were experiencing with hope. My first thought was to have a golf tournament; my husband got in touch with all the right people and on September 8, 2003 the first Robbie Zampieri Golf Classic was ready to go . . . money made from these tournaments went right to students who needed financial assistance. Every year these students send us a note of thanks for our help . . . little do they know just how much they have helped us.



Pat Zampieri pictured with Zampieri Scholars at the Annual Hurley Golf Classic



Maryjane & Bill Reilly


After reading The Miracle of St. Anthony we contacted Coach Hurley to see how we could help. He outlined the plight of a couple of kids in need of help, and we agreed to do so. The School then asked if we could get more broadly involved. We did so and became hooked on helping make a difference. We enjoyed getting to know and understand families from backgrounds somewhat different than our own. Some of the relationships have been virtually life changing for us. More importantly it’s very clear that St. Anthony greatly helps the aspirations and development of its students.

Maryjane & Bill Reilly, Hurley Golf Honorees, pictured with SAHS students



If you would like to visit our remarkable ”little school” please contact Jill Cypher at 201.653.5739 to experience for yourself what it is like to be a part of the SAHS Family.